On-Demand Squarespace Help

Get on-demand, 1-on-1 help from a Specialist through a video screen-share.


Meet Our Community Designers


A hand selected group of Squarespace professionals ready to solve your unique problems.


Ula Hernandez

Multi-Lingual Website Expert

An official Squarespace Specialist for nearly 2 years, Ula can tackle anything from creating a stunning photography portfolio to a brand website for a small business.


Emily Steinfeld

Visual Design Expert

Emily is an expert in CSS, HTML, and all things web design. She's been designing on Squarespace exclusively for over 2 years now alongside running an art studio.


Justin Mabee

Web Training Expert

With customer experience from Apple, Justin is passionate about teaching his clients how to manage their own site with Squarespace. When you want to learn, you work with Justin.


Introducing: Do-It-Together Web Design

Traditional design agencies service people who want their website built from scratch. DesignLive empowers those who want to build their site themselves. 



Design happens faster when it’s face-to-face. We use screen-share and video conferencing to save you time and money.


Book a session as soon as tomorrow. Our large community of designers allows you to schedule at your convenience.



Watch and learn. After a session or two you’ll have the skills and knowledge to repeat the work without us.

Any Project Size

No task is too small. We can knock out a list of tweaks in a session, or work with you to launch a brand new website.

When we met with our designer we got much more than we expected. He taught us how to use the Squarespace program so we could make changes on the fly without having to wait for a website developer. He was patient with our limited knowledge and he grasped what our vision was and saw us through the entire project.
— Tom & LeeAnn Thornton
Owners, Leeann Thornton Interiors
I wasn’t sure if I needed a simple tweak with my nav or whether I needed to start over again. Fortunately for me, it was just a bit of a tweak. Ula pointed this out and showed me how to do the fix in about the first minute of the hour I’d booked. So she was able to help me out with lots of other tips and advice from design through to hosting. Ula is a great communicator and makes the seemingly complex surprisingly simple. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their Squarespace website.
— Rod Vallis
I needed to get a website up very quickly — in a matter of hours, in fact — to take advantage of a business opportunity. DesignLive made it happen. Ula came up with a simple concept then set up a session to walk me through the process of creating the site. An hour later, the website was up and running and I know to maintain and expand it.

Great approach!
— Daniel Pallares
Isaac was fantastic! Couldn’t have been more proficient, helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Couldn’t be happier with the experience.
— Kirk Stewart
Working with Brendan Kennedy at DesignLive was one of the best experiences I have had with a creative consultant—and I have worked with hundreds (I was the CEO of an Architectural firm for 9 years before I started painting 3 years ago). Brendan was extremely knowledgeable, fast, offered solutions and suggestions, was collaborative, and personable. He also cleared his schedule so we could work last night (Sunday) to finish up and “go live!”

I sold two paintings yesterday so the new site is working.
— Terri Deskins

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